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Circle of Dust

Machines of Our Disgrace [BUNDLE 01]

$20.99 $17.99
For a limited time only
Circle of Dust - Machines of Our Disgrace [BUNDLE 01]

Machines of Our Disgrace [BUNDLE 01]

$20.99 $17.99
For a limited time only
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Product Description

This merch bundle includes:

  • Circle of Dust - Machines of Our Disgrace CD Digipack + Lossless Download
  • Circle of Dust - Contagion 1" Round Button
  • Circle of Dust - Machines of Our Disgrace 2" Square Button
  • Circle of Dust - Contagion Kiss-Cut Sticker

Machines of Our Disgrace marks the 5th full-length studio album for industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust, after a near 20 year hiatus. Created by artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project CelldwellerCircle of Dust returns to Klayton’s industrial roots with metal riffs, pulsing electronics and catchy songwriting.

Klayton pushes the envelope of fusing modern metal and electronic production with gritty industrial noise & samples on Machines of Our Disgrace, while incorporating both aggressive and melodic vocals with thought provoking lyrics about man’s technological evolution. Songs like “Contagion” and the title track “Machines of Our Disgrace” question our relationship with technology while “alt_Human” and “Neurachem” explore the world of biohacking and genetic modification. The tracks “Hive Mind” and “Humanarchy” provide commentary on man’s place in modern society’s political and scientific moral ambiguity. The emotionally charged “Outside In” shows Klayton’s softer side in a heart-gripping track with lush harmonies, acoustic guitars, pulsing sound design and introspective lyrics.

Machines of Our Disgrace is the album fans have been waiting for the last 20 years and is sure to stand as one of Klayton’s crowning achievements. In anticipation of a brand new album, Klayton remastered and re-released the entire Circle of Dust back-catalogue in 2016, featuring the albums Circle of Dust (self-titled), BrainchildMetamorphosisDisengage and a side project titled Argyle Park, each originally released in the 90s.

CD comes with 8 page booklet with full album lyrics.

Release Date: December 9th, 2016
Download the album a day early (Dec 8th) when you pre-order from the FiXT Store!

Total Album Time: 01:02:10

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