Dave Matthews Band

Live Trax 54 + Long Sleeve Tee

Dave Matthews Band Live Trax 54 + Long Sleeve Tee

Live Trax 54 + Long Sleeve Tee

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By the Fall of 1996, Dave Matthews Band’s album Crash had gone multiplatinum and the band had toured most of the globe, with no signs of slowing down. This complete and remixed night at the Cow Palace, previously only available from an FM radio broadcast, captures the band doing what they do so well and showcases the best selection of tunes from that era from Recently to previously unreleased Jimi Thing, Minarets, Typical Situation and Dancing Nancies.

This bundle includes:
  • Live Trax 54 In Your Choice Of Format
  • Live Trax 54 Long Sleeve Tee

    Track List:
    2.Two Step
    4.Lie In Our Graves
    5.Tripping Billies
    7.Jimi Thing
    8.What Would You Say

    1.So Much To Say
    2.Too Much
    4.Typical Situation
    5.Help Myself
    6.Ants Marching
    7.I’ll Back You Up
    8.Dancing Nancies

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