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Dave Matthews Band

Live Trax Vol. 45 + Men's Tee

Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Vol. 45  + Men's Tee

Live Trax Vol. 45 + Men's Tee

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Live Trax Vol. 45: 6.29.13 Live Trax vol. 45: Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ

From the opening notes of Dreamgirl (the first time this song opened a show since 2005) all the way through the 20 min Two Step show closer, this performance from the Susquehanna Bank Center has something for every discerning DMB fan’s ear. The band always seems at home on the stage in Camden, NJ, treating the crowd with gems across their repertoire - from the intimate Belly Full to the fully rocking cover of Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times. All in all, this show is a mix of old and new, with an energetic crowd taking in some fantastic performances.

This bundle includes:
  • Live Trax 45 in your choice of format
  • Live Trax 45 Men's Tee

  • 1. Dreamgirl
    2. Drive In, Drive Out
    3. Joyride
    4. What Would You Say
    5. Crush
    6. JTR
    7. Good Times Bad Times
    8. #41
    9. Kill the Preacher
    10. Why I Am
    11. Help Myself
    12. Mercy
    13. So Much To Say
    14. Drunken Soldier
    15. Hunger For the Great Light
    16. Belly Full
    17. Typical Situation
    18. Ants Marching
    19. Halloween
    20. Oh
    21. Lie In Our Graves
    22. Pig
    23. Two Step
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