Dave Matthews Band

Live Trax Vol. 49 + Poster Bundle

Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Vol. 49 + Poster Bundle

Live Trax Vol. 49 + Poster Bundle

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June 18, 2019, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds played to a grateful crowd at Constellation Brands–Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center, as a one off tucked in between full band shows this summer. As usual this intimate setting provides a chance to hear the songs you know and love stripped down and reinterpreted, and gives listeners a glimpse into Tim’s solo compositions.

This bundle includes:
  • Live Trax Vol. 49
  • Live Trax Vol. 49 Foil Poster

  • 1.Save Me
    2.Grace Is Gone
    3.Grey Street
    4.Come Tomorrow
    5.Don’t Drink the Water
    6.Stay or Leave
    7.The Stone
    8.Best of What’s Around
    9.When the World Ends
    11.Sense Memory
    12.Do You Remember
    14.Fool To Think
    15.Funny the Way It Is
    16.Old Dirt Hill
    18.What’s Wrong With This Guy?
    19.Dancing Nancies
    20.You and Me
    22.The Space Between
    23.Two Step
    24.Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away
    25.Lie In Our Graves
    26.Ants Marching
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