Dave Matthews Band

Live Trax Vol. 51 + Poster + Tee

Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Vol. 51 + Poster + Tee

Live Trax Vol. 51 + Poster + Tee

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In Summer 2007, DMB hit the road again with new touring member, Rashawn Ross on trumpet and Butch Taylor on keyboards. The band’s live catalogue had grown to include tracks from "Stand Up", as well as material from recent studio writing sessions in Charlottesville, VA. New unreleased compositions of "Corn Bread" and "#27" were also in the mix. "Sweet Up and Down" makes a comeback, adding to the band’s list of “road only” jams.

This Bundle Includes:
Live Trax vol. 51 In Your Choice Of Format
Live Trax Vol. 51 Poster
Live Trax Vol. 51 Tee
1 Seek Up
2 You Might Die Trying
3 Hunger For The Great Light
4 #27
5 Don’t Drink The Water
6 Corn Bread
7 Idea Of You
8 Too Much
9 Sister
10 Grey Street

1 Louisiana Bayou
2 Shotgun
3 Sweet Up And Down
4 Crush
5 Stay (Wasting Time)
6 Some Devil
7 American Baby Intro
8 All Along The Watchtower
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