Dave Matthews Band

Live Trax Vol. 41 + Poster Bundle

Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Vol. 41 + Poster Bundle

Live Trax Vol. 41 + Poster Bundle

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Live Trax Vol. 41 + Poster Bundle

After a two-month tour in 1999, Dave and Tim closed their acoustic run on the evening of March 13 at the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, CA. The duo’s time on the road leading up to this night shows as the performance is exceptional. From the first note of the “Granny” opener, to the encore of "Digging A Ditch”, "Lover Lay Down", and "Ants Marching,” there is not an ill note throughout. And yet, it’s not only DMB favorites that shine; but also Tim’s skilled playing of his complex original compositions, as well as fantastic covers of Daniel Lanois’ "For The Beauty of Wynona" and Lyle Lovett’s "If I Had A Boat", make this show a true listening pleasure. This intimate performance has been mixed from the original multitrack tapes.

Bundle Includes:
- Live Trax Vol. 41 in choice of 3-CD set, MP3, or FLAC
- Event Poster

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1. Introduction
2. Granny
3. Too Much
4. The Last Stop
5. Crush
6. The Stone
7. Lie In Our Graves
8. Bartender
9. Don't Drink the Water

1. Stay (Wasting Time)
2. Proudest Monkey
3. Satellite
4. Letting Go
5. Two Step
6. Wild Horses
7. For the Beauty of Wynona
8. Crash Into Me

1. Help Myself
2. Pampa
3. I'll Back You Up
4. Halloween
5. Jemez Rolling Waves
6. Chatterbox
7. Repeat the Question>Alcaniz
8. If I Had a Boat
9. Warehouse
10. Dancing Nancies
11. Digging a Ditch
12. Lover Lay Down
13. Ants Marching
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