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Parallel Universe CD

Dave Matthews Band Parallel Universe CD

Parallel Universe CD

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Produced by Tim Reynolds and Diane Thomas.

Track Listing:

Parrallel Universe:
1. From This World
2. Dreaming
3. Industrial Complex
4. Torch of Uncertainty
5. Alpha Wave
6. Uncover The Reason
7. Indoctrinate
8. Face Off
9. Tribulatuion
10. This Is How Much I Love You

Bonus Disc - Invisible Pagan Underdogs:
1. Mercury Direct
2. In Flames Beside My Brain
3. Angel With A Broken Wing
4. Alienation
5. Sometimes Love Sighs
6. You Don't Know
7. Plastic Man
8. Pulse
9. Jupiter's Wounded Soul
10. The Sky Is Calling
11. Mother Nature
12. Buddah Of Compassion
13. Invisible Pagan Underdogs
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