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In Dream CD

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Recorded in Crear in the Western Highlands and mixed in London by Alan Moulder, ‘In Dream’ is the second album to feature the ‘new’ line-up of the band with Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams firmly in place alongside founding members Tom Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay. After two years of global touring this five piece incarnation used the new album to stretch the Editors sound, swerving away from the rock dynamic of ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ and marking a return to a writing process influenced by electronic music that draws a line from their debut album through to prominence on the band’s third album, the UK Number One ‘In This Light And On This Evening’.

‘In Dream’ is an album created without preconception and at the centre is a belief in collaboration. Thus the album was produced by all band members in an open studio environment, nowhere within Crear was cut off from the music being performed and recorded in the creative space. Downtime was soundtracked by a varied playlist that stretched from Todd Terje to 80’s Robert Palmer, John Grant to the Despacio three hour club mix that involved selections from all five members.

‘In Dream’ is the first Editors album to feature a duet, Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell sharing vocal duties on‘The Law’ and bringing backing vocals to two more tracks, and is an album focused on allowing artistic interpretations outside of the band to flourish; Alan Moulder was left to mix the tracks without any band involvement whilst visual collaborator Rahi Rezvani has been given carte blanche with the photography and videography that will accompany the album and its attendant singles. It is a bold and expansive statement and is driven by, according to Tom Smith, a belief that music can be ‘both pop and experimental’.


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