'Sista Valsen EP' Vinyl Record

FLOWERS MUST DIE 'Sista Valsen EP' Vinyl Record

'Sista Valsen EP' Vinyl Record

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With a name inspired by Ash Ra Temple’s greatest masterpiece Flowers Must Die are a 6 piece band that hail from Sweden.

They have released three LPs plus several EPs and cassettes in their native country to high acclaim – and we are excited to announce their first release for Rocket, an EP called Sista Valsen. Flowers Must Die, originally a 5 piece recently grew to a 6 piece when the highly talented vocalist/violinist Lisa Ekelund (formally of the band Katla) joined the collective for some ‘jams’.

This EP is a collection of four raw jams the band recorded during their early sessions with Lisa. Since these jams the band have gone on and started to record a new album of songs that sees Flowers Must Die going in a new direction from their sound of before.

These can be heard on the bands fourth album – to be released on Rocket in early 2017.
Each of the 4 tracks on this EP sees the band explore the different territories that makes Swedish psych rock so famous.

From the fuzz heavy, tribal grooves of lead track Sista Valsen, the laid back space jazz of Taskig Stämning Annars, the propulsive motorik of Kruta, to the repetitive folk drone of Varför.

Flowers Must Die infamy in their Swedish home comes through their legendary live shows, where they have shared stages with many great bands like OM, White Hills, Konono N°1, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Hills etc.

Side A:
1. Sista Valsen
2. Taskig Stämning Annars

Side B:
1. Kruta
2. Varför


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