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Hey Colossus

'Dedicated to Uri Klangers' Vinyl Record

Hey Colossus 'Dedicated to Uri Klangers' Vinyl Record

'Dedicated to Uri Klangers' Vinyl Record

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Product Description

In 2015 Hey Colossus released two albums on Rocket Recordings, In Black and Gold in February and Radio Static High in October. Dedicated to Uri Klangers is a look back.

It's best summed up by the 3000 words that can be found on the inner sleeve of the record, the tale begins: "The 2xLP comp that's in your hands now was initially released on cassette by S.O.U.L for our 10th anniversary show, September 2013, about 50 tapes were made and sold on the night. We thought a BEST OF would be hilarious. We were average at that show and I'm being generous. I'd give us 5.5/10. A shame.

Hacker Farm and Helm also played. It was at The Sebright Arms in London, somewhere out East....." The cassette sat in the MIE car for three years, soundtracking journeys back and forth across the country. When a new car was bought, criminally minus a tape deck, the decision was made to put it on vinyl. Included are one or two tunes from all the HC albums released 2003-2013, it also includes the Witchfinder General Hospital track (only 100 pressed on 12").

All vinyl versions of the albums from this era are long gone. The discography is a bit of a mess now, the band doesn't fully know and the Discogs site is not much help - godspeed anyone trying to buy all the back cat.

2xLP, gatefold sleeve, full printed inner sleeves with stacks of photo's and the aforementioned spiel / tale of woe / occasional victory. 500 copies.

This record is a fine way to dig into the first 10 years. 

1. War Crows
2. How To Tell Time With Jesus
3. The Drang
4. I Am The Chiswich Strangler
5. Eurogrumble PTII
6. Drug Widow
7. Warmer The Belter
8. Hot Grave
9. Witchfinder General Hospital
10. Fire Up The Tambourine
11. Pope Long Haul III
12. Old No.7
13. Horsehead
14. Wait Your Turn
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