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Jerry Garcia

Band - GarciaLive Vol 5: 12/31/75 CD and Poster Bundle

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Jerry Garcia Band - GarciaLive Vol 5: 12/31/75 CD and Poster Bundle

Band - GarciaLive Vol 5: 12/31/75 CD and Poster Bundle

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Product Description

Highlights are plentiful across this 2+ hour performance. Hopkins shows off his deep musicality with a spontaneous performances of the Beatles' "Mother Nature's Son" and an explosive rendition of his own "Pig's Boogie", featuring an appearance by Matthew Kelly on harmonica, to close the first set. The JGB, now complete with Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Matthew Kelly, kick off the second set with a raucous countdown to 1976 led by Hopkins complete with a brief rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" followed by an ecstatic "How Sweet It Is" and later a 26+ minute "Mystery Train" suite which features a drums breakdown from Errico and Hart plus an exploratory "New Year's Jam" before returning to the final verse of "Mystery Train." A positively blistering take on the Junior Walker and the All-Stars Motown classic, “(I’m a) Road Runner” closes this stellar show out in fine form.

Caveat: The 2 CDs contained herein present the Jerry Garcia Band’s lone New Year’s Eve performance. Originally captured to analog reels and later transferred to digital audio tape, the enclosed recordings have been meticulously mastered for release. While certain minor sonic imperfections impervious to even the latest in digital wizardry remain, rest assured this vibrant performance transcends any inherent limitation in fidelity. Listen comfortably with our promise that every effort was made to produce this performance for release in a manner which honors the spirit of its creation.

Set List/Disc List:

Disc 1:

Set One:
1. Let It Rock
2. Mother Nature's Son
3. It Ain't No Use
4. God Save The Queen
5. They Love Each Other
6. Pig's Boogie

Disc 2:

Set Two:
1. New Year's Countdown
2. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
3. Catfish John
4. Mystery Train ->
5. Drums -> New Year's Jam
6. Mystery Train

Set Three:

7. Tore Up Over You
8. Tuning
9. C.C. Rider
10. (I'm A) Road Runner
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