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Killing Joke

Live In Berlin Double CD Album Deluxe CD

Killing Joke Live In Berlin Double CD Album Deluxe CD

Live In Berlin Double CD Album Deluxe CD

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In the late seventies, Killing Joke cemented their reputation as a maverick and creative force, and due to a penchant for controversial imagery plus a refusal to pull punches in terms of the truth (as they saw it), the quartet rapidly became the most notorious band in the UK. Conventional notions of politics or propaganda were not to be accepted blindly; they urged people to think for themselves, to question old orthodoxies and their surroundings in general, conjuring up images of an impending apocalypse with music that was never meant to be pretty yet often attained a ragged and glorious beauty, a tattered flag in the wind.

As a result, an intense and passionate relationship started to grow with an ultra-loyal international fan base, a relationship that remains intact to this day, with the group's philosophical stance and soundtrack to the modern age – a deep, dogmatic howl documenting our calamitous descent into chaos – seeming more and more plugged-in as the years progress.

Recorded live at Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin on the band's 40th Anniversary Laugh At Your Peril tour on 19th October 2018, this 2CD set features the original line up of Jaz Coleman, Kevin 'Geordie' Walker, Paul Ferguson and Youth on typically ferocious form and with a 22 track set list including classics such as Love Like Blood, Eighties, Requiem, Wardance and many more. This is the sound of a band undiminished by time and as relevant to their times as ever. Maybe even more so…
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