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Track List
  1. Lovestruck
  2. Johnny The Horse
  3. The Communicator
  4. 4.A.M
  5. The Wizard
  6. Drip Fed Fred
  7. Going To The Top
  8. Elysium
  9. Saturday Night Sunday Morning
  10. If I Didn't Care
  11. No Money
  12. Lovestruck-Promo Videos
  13. Johnny The Horse-Promo Videos
  14. Drip Fed Fred-Promo Videos
  15. You're Wonderful (Re-Mix) (Japanese CD / "Johnny The Horse")
  16. Round And Round (B-Side "Lovestruck")
  17. We Are Love (B-Side "Lovestruck")
  18. Johnny The Horse (Radio Edit)
  19. I Was The One (B-Side "Johnny The Horse")
  20. Dreaming Man (B-Side "Johnny The Horse")
  21. Light Of The Way (B-Side "Drip Fed Fred")
  22. We Want Freddie (B-Side "Drip Fed Fred")
  23. Drip Fed Fred (The Conspiracy Mix) (Single Version)
  24. Maddley (B-Side "Lovestruck"Album Sampler)
  25. Simple Equation ("Our House" Musical)
  26. Sarah's Song ("Our House" Musical)
  27. It Must Be Love (2002 Mix "Our House" Musical)
  28. My Old Man ("Brand New Boots And Panties" Album)
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