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Jazz-iz Christ CD

Serj Tankian Jazz-iz Christ CD

Jazz-iz Christ CD

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Jazz-iz Christ is Serj's brainchild, but truly is a collaborative effort between many musicians that Tankian curated to be part of the group and self-titled album. Among others, there are considerable contributions from renowned pianist Tigran Hamasyan, flautist Valeri Tolstov, and trumpet player Tom Duprey. Additional performances from Stewart Copeland and actor/musician David Alpay and Vincent Pedulla make for a very unique collaboration. The 15 tracks that comprise Jazz-iz Christ, a mostly instrumental effort except for 4 tracks, are an amalgam of progressive jazz, electronic, ethnic and even rock elements, displaying a unique presentation of the genre itself.

Track Listing

  1. Fish Don't Scream
  2. End of Time
  3. Honeycharmed
  4. Arpeggio Bust
  5. Yerevan to Paris
  6. Scotch in China
  7. Distant Thing
  8. Song of Sand
  9. Garuna
  10. Balcony Chats
  11. Jinn
  12. Waitomo Caves
  13. Through Nights and Hopes
  14. Papa Blue
  15. Miso Soup
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