Six By Seven

Das Ist England' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Six By Seven 'Das Ist England' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Das Ist England' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Limited to 250 copies with WAVs Download Card containing bonus tracks.

A recent Kickstarter funded album, this was recorded at Rockfield Studios in December 2018. It's a totally unique, uncompromising and feral record for this time.

The drumming is sensational and the sounds are cosmic. A bi-lingual anglo-kraut Kosmische record for 2019.

It’s Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft playing NEU! with a full frontal Sonic Youth attack.

It has absolutely fuck all to do with Brexit.

Side A:
1. War Dance
2. Laurie Cunningham And Cyrille Regis Are Dead
3. SAFE (Deine Liebe) I Can’t (Fake It)
4. Pissing Down (Home Is Where The Heart Is)
5. So Long I’ve Waited
6. Verschwende Deine Zeit Mit Mir
7. Mein Herz Side B B1. Common Prayer For The Common Man

Side B:
8. The Zephenia Song
9. Set Me Free
11. Am Ridderspass / Gehirnschlag …….

1. Ain’t Going To Freudenberg
2. Wetter (A.D. Ruhr)
3. Der Suppenkasperle
+ all unedited versions of album tracks
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