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Sting 25 YEARS CD


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
  2. Love is the Seventh Wave
  3. Consider Me Gone
  4. Moon Over Bourbon Street
  5. Fortress Around Your Heart
  6. Bring On the Night [Live] [Live]
  7. Driven To Tears [Live] [Live]
  8. I Burn For You [Live] [Live]
  9. Be Still My Beating Heart
  10. They Dance Alone
  11. Englishman In New York
  12. Fragile
  13. We'll Be Together
  14. Sister Moon
  15. Secret Marriage
[Disc 2]
  1. All This Time
  2. Mad About You
  3. Why Should I Cry For You?
  4. The Soul Cages
  5. When the Angels Fall
  6. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
  7. Fields of Gold
  8. Seven Days
  9. It's Probably Me
  10. Shape of My Heart
  11. When We Dance
  12. I Hung My Head
  13. I Was Brought To My Senses
  14. You Still Touch Me
  15. I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
[Disc 3]
  1. A Thousand Years
  2. Desert Rose
  3. Ghost Story
  4. Brand New Day
  5. Send Your Love
  6. Whenever I Say Your Name
  7. Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)
  8. Soul Cake
  9. The Hounds of Winter
  10. Next To You
  11. We Work the Black Seam
  12. The Pirate's Bride
  13. Never Coming Home
  14. Russians [Live] [Live]
  15. The End of the Game [Live] [Live]
[Disc 4]
  1. Message In a Bottle [Live]
  2. Demolition Man [Live]
  3. Synchronicity II [Live]
  4. Driven To Tears [Live]
  5. Heavy Cloud, No Rain [Live]
  6. A Day In the Life [Live]
  7. Voices Inside My Head/When the World is Running Down [Live]
  8. Roxanne [Live]
  9. Next To You [Live]
  10. Lithium Sunset [Live]
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