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    Umphrey's Mcgee

    The Bottom Half CD

    Umphrey's McGee- The Bottom Half CD

    The Bottom Half CD

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    Product Description

    A spontaneous follow up to the Umphrey's McGee spring 2006 studio release Safety In Numbers. Titled The Bottom Half, disc one features ten tracks that were originally recorded during the SIN Sessions, while disc two offers outtakes, alternative versions of songs, a cappella recordings, and other bits from the band's 2005 studio sessions. As with Safety In Numbers, famed album artist Storm Thorgerson designed the artwork for The Bottom Half. Track list: Disc One 1. The Bottom Half 2. Bright Lights, Big City 3. Great American 4. Higgins Sir 5. Higgins 6. Memories of Home 7. Atmosfarag 8. Red Room 9. Intentions Clear 10. Home 11. Divisions Disc Two 1. Words (a cappella) 2. Great American/ Believe the Lie 3. Believe the Lie 4. Time Eater 5. Never Cease 6. Rocker 7. Ready Noodles 8. Higgins (instrumental) 9. The Heart of Rock and Roll 10. Fresh Start 11. The Browning Special 12. Ocean Billy 13. Intentions Clear 14. What Else? 15. Alex's House 16. End of the Road 17. Red Room Disco 18. Rocco 19. WWS 20. The Weight Around 21. Liquid 22. Atmosfarag 23. Words (chorus) 24. Memories of Home 25. Browning Family Creed 26. Biscuits & Gravy 27. Words (intro) 28. Words (instrumental)
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