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    Van William

    Countries CD

    Van William - Countries CD

    Countries CD

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    Product Description

    Anchored in Van's love of melodic song craft and infused with melancholy, the eleven new, original songs on Countries don't belong to any specific style. Call them American Heartache, music that stirs up forgotten memories and feels eternal and fresh, pulling the past into the present as a way of navigating loss. Van wrote the songs that would become Countries in a secluded part of the Sierra Nevada, then enlisted a group of musical confidants - including his co-producer Brian Phillips, Dawes drummer Griffin Goldsmith, POP ETC bassist Chris Chu and keyboardist Tam Visher - to bring the album to life in a studio in Marin County. Special vocal guests on the album include the Soderberg sisters of First Aid Kit. “These songs sound exactly like I feel,” says Van, “restless, reeling, heartbroken and ready to burst. I grew up on Fugazi and Plastic Ono Band; The Lonesome Crowded West and On the Beach. I wanted to make a record that unambiguous, that digs its hooks in deep and doesn’t let go.”

    Release Date:
    Jan 19th, 2018

    1. Before I Found You (3:07)
    2. Revolution (3:55)
    3. Fourth of July (3:34)
    4. The Country (3:48)
    5. Don't Take My Love (3:36)
    6. Never Had Enough of You (4:03)
    7. The Middle (3:26)
    8. Skyward (3:20)
    9. You'll Be On My Mind (3:58)
    10. Cosmic Sign (2:49)
    11. Taking Love (3:53)

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