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The Velvet Underground


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The Velvet Underground COLLECTED CD
$22.04 $24.49
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Product Description

Track List
  1. Prominet Men (Demo)
  2. I'm Waiting For The Man
  3. Venus In Furs
  4. All Tomorrow's Parties
  5. There She Goes Again
  6. Heroin
  7. Femme Fatal
  8. It Was A Pleasure Then [Nico]
  9. Chelsea Girls [Nico]
  10. The Fairest Of The Seasons [Nico]
  11. These Days [Nico]
  12. Somewhere There's A Feather [Nico]
  13. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams [Nico]
  14. There Is No Reason (Demo)
  15. Sheltered Life (Demo)
  16. I Heard Her Call My Name
  17. White Light/White Heat
  18. Here She Comes Now
  19. Sister Ray
  20. Hey Mr. Rain
  21. Stephanie Says
  22. Temptation Inside Your Heart
  23. She's My Best Friend
  24. Andy's Chest
  25. Candy Says
  26. What Goes On
  27. Some Kinda Love
  28. Pale Blue Eyes
  29. The Murder Mystery
  30. After Hours
  31. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
  32. Foggy Notion
  33. Countess From Hong Kong
  34. Lisa Says
  35. I'm Sticking With You
  36. One Of These Days
  37. Who Loves The Sun
  38. Rock & Roll
  39. Sweet Jane
  40. New Age
  41. I Found A Reason
  42. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
  43. Ocean
  44. Ride Into The Sun
  45. I Love You
  46. Guess I'm Falling In Love (Live)
  47. What Goes On (Live)
  48. It's Just Too Much (Live)
  49. You Forgot To Answer [Nico]
  50. The End (Live) [Nico]
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