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The Wave Pictures

'Eskimokiss' Vinyl Record

The Wave Pictures 'Eskimokiss' Vinyl Record

'Eskimokiss' Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Limited Edition vinyl 7” (500 copies).

The debut single from their album Long Black Cars, Eskimo Kiss is drummer Jonny ‘Huddersfield’ Helm’s first foray into lead vocals on a Wave Pictures album. With lyrics by long-time collaborator Stanley Brinks – and penned in the canteen on the 2nd floor of NYC’s Harlem Hospital - it’s a song Dave Tattersall describes as “very enigmatic, dark and mysterious yet still peppered with details of the everyday”.

The ‘everyday’ is a topic close to the Wave Pictures collective hearts – “we find the mundane magical: the everyday amazes me. What could be more extraordinary and more ordinary than the sunrise?” Long Black Cars was recorded over 4 days in New York City in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, and features many of the band’s friends including Turner Cody and The WoWz.

1. Eskimo Kiss 
2. Stay This Way A Little While

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