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Xiu Xiu

Split (Test Pressing)

Xiu Xiu Split (Test Pressing)
Xiu Xiu Split (Test Pressing)
Xiu Xiu
Xiu Xiu

Split (Test Pressing)

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Product Description

Making CDs is predictable. You send a master off to the duplication plant and wait for thousands of shiny, identical discs to arrive.

Vinyl is a very different beast. Making a record is an intricate process that starts with the creation of a master lacquer, which is then plated in metal and used to make a negative version of the record, called a stamper, that serves as the basis for mass production.

During this chain of events something can always go wrong --- causing pops, skips, crackles or distortion. You name it, we've heard it many times over.

Which brings us to test pressings, a very necessary part of the vinyl production process that helps catch these sorts of problems before all of the records are manufactured.

By their very nature, test pressings are rare and unique. They're the first taste we receive of each album on vinyl and only a small number are ever made, making them sought after by fans and collectors.

In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive year after year is "Hey fine folks at PV, do you have any test pressings for sale?"

The sad truth is, after a few test pressings are given to PV bands as keepsakes, the remaining copies just sit on a shelf in the dark recesses of our office.

And so, we've decided to give you this opportunity to own a special piece of a treasured album. Enjoy!

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