Young Lions

Mr. Spaceman (CD)

Young Lions Mr. Spaceman (CD)

Mr. Spaceman (CD)

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Young Lions - Mr. Spaceman (CD)

Having already teased the taste buds with ‘Burn the Money’ and ‘Destroy Me’, Young Lions are back with their brand new album, titled ‘Mr Spaceman’.  What better way than to release it on a peak time on the Lunar Calendar – Tuesday August 8 2017 – the day Australia witnesses a partial lunar eclipse.  Quite fitting for an album that follows a character on a journey into space.


“For this album we decided to take a bit of a different approach as it follows a character on a journey into space to deal with all sorts of inter-dimensional learning curbs,” says singer Zach Britt. “Writing a concept album, in retrospect, was a way for us to push the boundaries and open our minds, lyrically and musically, so that we felt we could push the limits of what Young Lions is. Using space as a landscape for such a journey seemed a logical way for us to go”.


The journey on this album, from start to finish, is an experience.  “All of our releases have been a little different but this one really came together as a whole. We have tried to mould the angst and passion of 'Burn' with the sensitivity and heart of 'Blue Isla' and I can proudly say we had a lot of success on this mission. It's so exiting to think about people hearing this album because it really is just another progression on the Young Lions journey and anyone who has been with us from the start will NOT be disappointed”.

Track Listing:

1.     Out of the Dark

2.     Blue Heaven

3.     Burn the Money

4.     Destroy Me

5.     Better World

6.     Headspace

7.     Relativity

8.     Message

9.     Freedom

10.  Mr Spaceman

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