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UVA Athletics

The UVA Cavalier Marching Band - LIVE

The UVA Cavalier Marching Band - LIVE

The UVA Cavalier Marching Band - LIVE

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1. Pregame Introduction
2. Drum Intro
3. The Flags of the ACC
4. The Cavalier Fanfare
5. The Cavalier Song
6. Rugby Road
7. Glory to Virginia
8. The National Anthem
9. Let's Go Hoos!
10. TAG
11. Hey Cheer
12. Defense (Techno, Virginia Swing, Ironman, Drum Cadence, Smoke On The Water, Let's Go Hoos!)
13. Offense (First Down Cheer, Virginia Swing, Hoo Are You, Second Strain, Good Old Song, Hey Cheer)
14. Defense (Eat 'Em Up, Drum Cadence, Tear It Up)
15. Offense (Lone Ranger, Virginia Swing, Drum Cadence, First Down Cheer, Virginia Swing, Second Strain)
16. Touchdown (Good Old Song, Let's Go Hoos)
17. Soulful Strut
18. Harlem Nocturne
19. Blues Brother
20. Shout!
21. Thriller
22. Electric Slide
23. Armed Forces Medley
24. Battle Hymn
25. American Patrol
26. City of Angels/Night Streets
27. Gangsta Jazz
28. Kung Fu Medley
29. Party Medley
30. Moondance
31. Just a Gigalo
32. Get it On

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