Elysium LP (Vinyl)

earMUSIC Elysium LP (Vinyl)

Elysium LP (Vinyl)

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2009’s “Polaris” was described as a true Stratovarius album with some even calling it the best album since “Destiny” - praising its brilliant melodies,
positive approach and vivid style. We’re not saying this is wrong but journalists will have to amend their statements: Now comes the brand new
studio album “Elysium”.
Bubbling over with ideas during their “Polaris” world tour, the band subsequently started working in the 5-by-5 studios in Helsinki, Finland to record
a new, impressive masterpiece. Filled with melodic, powerful, fresh and excellently technical elaborated hits the album will with no doubt convince
the Metal World once again.
“Elysium” has been produced by Matias Kupiainen who proves to be not only a great musician, but also a gifted producer. Altogether the whole
creative working process within the band became more democratic, integrating the best and most valuable unique talents of all fi ve members in the
song writing and recording process very well.
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