John Wayne

3 Godfathers" DVD (1948)

John Wayne "3 Godfathers" DVD (1948)

3 Godfathers" DVD (1948)

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1948Fugitive bank robbers Robert (John Wayne), William (Harry Carey Jr.) and Pedro (Pedro Armendariz) stand at a desert grave. Caring for the newborn infant of the woman they just buried will ruin any chance of escape. But they won't go back on their promise to her. They won't abandon little Robert William Pedro. Director John Ford's Western retelling of the Biblical Three Wise Men tale remains a scenic and thematic masterpiece. Ford adds color to his feature-film palette, capturing stunning vistas via cinematographer Winton Hoch, who would win two of his three Academy Awards * for Ford films. Again, populist-minded Ford asserts that even men of dissolute character can follow that inner star of Bethlehem to their own redemption. Studio: WARNER HOME VIDEO Rated: NA Runtime: 106 Mins. Region: NTSC Encoded DVD Release Date: 2007 Color
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