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Judas Priest - Point of Entry - LP (Vinyl)

We Are Vinyl Judas Priest - Point of Entry - LP

Judas Priest - Point of Entry - LP (Vinyl)

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The seventh studio album from Judas Priest, released in 1981. Recorded in a state of the art studio, the band produced a record with an altogether louder, and more intense sound than on previous albums. Featuring songs still played live to this day, hear this classic re-pressed on 180 gram black vinyl using original master sources.

Side A.
1. Heading Out to the Highway
2. Don't Go
3. Hot Rockin'
4. Turning Circles
5. Desert Plains

Side B.
1. Solar Angels
2. You Say Yes
3. All the Way
4. Troubleshooter
5. On the Run

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