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Alain Caron

In Concert - DVD

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Alain Caron / In Concert - DVD

In Concert - DVD

$16.54 $14.09
For a limited time only
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Product Description

In Concert (DVD) published in 2015, is the second live concert Alain Caron after posting 5 Live – Cabaret De Montreal.

Alain Caron is a brand recognized around the world as to the instrumental virtuosity and his very inspired creative streak that led him to make his career more than 20 albums.

En-In concert was recorded at the art center La Petite Église, and on this occasion Alain Caron has been accompanied on the stage by the same formation of the highest level recorded Multiple Faces of 2013: the pianist John Roney, guitarist Pierre Côté and drummer Damien Schmitt.

Alain Caron was twice winner of the prestigious Oscar Peterson Award of the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1991 with the Uzeb group in 2013 as a solo artist.

The songs on In Concert (DVD) are largely drawn by acclaimed Multiple Faces of 2013, to which you add some of his best compositions taken from his previous albums, especially Sep7entrion.

After traveling around the world over the past two years with this show, Alain Caron decided to immortalize this concert on DVD and the Centre d’Art La Petite Église, a small, intimate space in St-Eustache in Quebec offering a cozy warmth of a loyal audience furniture, opened its doors to him to record this amazing concert.

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