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The self-titled first EP from Los Angeles-based Alright Alright demonstrates frontman Michael Sweeney's deft songwriting skills and serves as a perfect entree to Alright Alright's world of through-the-looking-glass lyrics, infectious riffs and killer hooks. Coalescing into it's current lineup in July 2008, Alright Alright has found a confident and catchy sound that appeals to rock enthusiasts as well as the dance-prone layperson. With elegant production by Chris Wonzer, Alright Alright's first EP is a must for any fan of off-center, indie power-pop. The bouncy, ragtime-punk 'I'm Goin' Under' opens the album, featuring call-to-attention trumpet blasts, a grooving bass line, and seductive harmonies. Sweeney's lyrical predilections are on full display here; whimsical images of deep-woods wandering, gin-soaked chicks with guns, and impending disaster are just the playful beginning. Things get turned up a notch--lyrically and musically--on the deliberately cryptic second track, 'Jenny of the FBI'. After starting with Sweeney's Elvis Costello-like croon, the song takes an unprotected-left turn into balls-to-the-wall R.O.C.K., with hard-charging drums, propulsive bass, and spiraling guitar fireworks that display what rock in general (and Alright Alright in particular) is capable of at it's most inspired. Switching it up yet again is the upbeat 'Forest for the Trees', complete with child-like backing harmonies and old-timey trumpet bounce. 'Something in the Circuitry' rounds out the EP with revved-up guitar riffs, dance 'til you drop beats and a sing-along chorus so catchy you'll be pressing repeat guaranteed. Michael Sweeney - Lead vocals & guitar Ryan Seaton - Vocals Dayna Richards - Trumpet, keyboards & vocals Tex Vandelay - Lead guitar Cleo Marie German - Bass Brent Wroten - Drums And special guests: Daniel Cossu on bass and Todd Labrie on drums. Engineered & Produced by Chris Wonzer.

Track List
  1. I'm Goin' Under
  2. Jenny of the F.B.I
  3. Forest for the Trees
  4. Something in the Circuitry
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