Sömestr' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Ayyuka 'Sömestr' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Sömestr' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Ayyuka was founded in the year 2001.They’ve started to make their own music which was mostly improvisation and influenced by a lot of different styles. Some time later the band had it's name naturally which Is AYYUKA that has two meanings: ''to the highest part of the sky' and 'an idiom to tell that a secret has been revealed'" .

After university years they moved to Istanbul and started to perform their music at some live venues. Since their self-titled debut album release, the band have performed in various music festivals and venues in a number of cities including Istanbul, Berlin, Lyon, Sao Paulo.

They also have opened up for some major artists like Jonathan Richman, R.E.M., Sonic Youth.

With very direct live performance energy in their compositions, Ayyuka fuse characteristic elements from a variety of genres such as Anatolian Rock, arabesque, surf rock, punk, spaghetti western, psychedelic rock, and funk. They released their second studio album “Kiraci Odalari” on October 2013.

‘Sömestr’ is Ayyuka’s third studio album,  the sound  moves between psychedelic rock, afro rhythms  and much else besides. The album was made by the  improvising recording sessions that they recorded at their studio.

1. Sömestr
2. Tek Teker
3. Geceleri Zor Uyurum
4. Gün 1B
5. Gabor
6. Guaruja
7. Aryton Senna
8. Bu Bi Rüya Olmalı
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