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Baby Animals CD
Baby Animals CD
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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Rush You
  2. Early Warning
  3. Painless
  4. Make It End
  5. Working for the Enemy
  6. One Word
  7. Break My Heart
  8. Waste of Time
  9. One Too Many
  10. Ain't Gonna Get
[Disc 2]
  1. Rush You (Live)
  2. Somethings Are Better (Live)
  3. Baby Animals (Live)
  4. Working for the Enemy (Live)
  5. Big Boys (Live)
  6. Smile on My Face (Live)
  7. Painless (Live)
  8. One Word (Live)
  9. Waste of Time (Live)
  10. One Too Many (Live)
  11. Ain't Gonna Get (Live)
  12. Impossible to Fly (Live)
  13. Early Warning (Live)
  14. Fire (Live)
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