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The Arizona music scene during the sixties can easily be likened to it's desert surroundings: The monotony of average and sometimes even good bands writing less than good and even average songs. Then one day you hear a band that knocks you out. Those are the kinds of bands that I had the opportunity to discover and produce that suddenly emerged out of garages and other little holes in walls wherever they could find a place to converge and create their music. I now have the honor and the privilege to present to you the bands that I think are Arizonas best garage bands bands from 1967 to 1970. - Hadley Murrell at an age when most of US were just listening to music, Hadley Murrell got involved. At 14 he started playing drums with the Carnations, and went on to work in radio, as well promoting shows and other live events. Much of what he made went towards studio time to produce the music heard in this collection. Often garage rock is under produced to it's detriment. That's not the case here Murrell recorded at Phoenixs Audio Records, other clients included Dwayne Eddy, Dyke & the Blazers and Waylon Jennings (among many others). And unlike many garage rock sides Hadley took his performers into the studio prepared and ready to lay down tracks as hot as the Arizona desert. In addition to music that captures a moment in time, the release features a 20 page booklet filled with the story of each of the groups included here along with period photography, show flyers and more.

Track List
  1. Lovin' Just My Style - Caravelles
  2. Hotche Blues - Bliss
  3. Just Can't Win - the Sect
  4. Believing You - Noble & the Matadors
  5. Gangster of Love - Bliss
  6. Visions - Bliss
  7. Self Service - Caravelles
  8. Cry for Love - Bliss
  9. Simple Sunday - the Sect
  10. Hippies and Cops and a Bunch of Rocks - Bliss
  11. I Need You No More - Noble & the Matadors
  12. Ride the Ship of Fools - Bliss
  13. Fear of Fears - Bliss
  14. She's So Fine - Noble & the Matadors
  15. Music Train - Bliss
  16. Young Blood - the Jokers
  17. Renegade - the Carnations
  18. Dive Bomber - the Carnations
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