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'Arboreal' introduces an upbeat, vocal-driven twist to the softly intricate and melodic acoustic palette that is Box of Baby Birds signature. James continues to experiment in form and sound, mixing the familiarity of catchy pop with found sounds, noises and harmonic turns. Recorded at James' White Owl Studio, 'Arboreal' features James' lush vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental flourishes joined by alumni drummer Alance Ward and special guest violinist Tiffany Kowalksi. Box of Baby Birds began as a home recording side-project for multi-instrumentalist Gary Calhoun James, who also works in a diverse range of musical endeavors from Jazz and Experimental Rock to Country and Folk. James multi-tracked his way through Box of Baby Birds' self-titled debut (White Owl Recordings, 2007) in various Chicago apartments and the occasional borrowed studio. The result is an unusual rhythmic backdrop, layered with intricate guitars and keyboards upon which beautiful and hushed vocal melodies, harmonies and strings float. Chicago native Gary Calhoun James has been writing and recording under the moniker of Box of Baby Birds since 2006 and has toured and recorded with a wide array of national acts including Shelly Short from Portland, Oregon and All Smiles (Jim Fairchild of Grandaddy fame).

Track List
  1. Red Lights and Chimes
  2. Cardinal
  3. Folk Saints
  4. Break Little Branches
  5. Coins, Letters, Numbers
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