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Can Tan

'Soul Path' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Can Tan 'Soul Path' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record
Can Tan
Can Tan

'Soul Path' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

Product Description

Soul Path is a follow up project of Game Airs (Oyun Havaları) that was produced 12 years ago. This project happened as being in awe of Ninja Arcade Games, especially Ninja Warrior. The album includes the same named song which was inspired by the game itself.

Can Tan says: “I remember myself stuck to the screen at the Video game Arcade (Fame City at 1988) when I saw the Ninja character Kunoichi and admired him so much.” 

After the first sound was recorded, Can Tan started to make music for imagined arcade games. The first song was “Soul Path” which gave its name to the album.

He started recording the songs in 2018, Okan Yılmaz played synths and showed his ninja skills in four songs.

Mixed by Can Tan, mastered by Barış Ergün.

Side A:
1. Escape at Dawn
2. Soul Path
3. Shinobi

Side B:
4. Lots of Shadows
5. Kunai Lovers
6. Ninja Warriors
7. Devil Tree Ninjas

Release Date: 25/10/2019
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