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'Ekpyrosis' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Decoherence 'Ekpyrosis' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'Ekpyrosis' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Vast and immense ambient black metal envisioned, composed, and recorded by Stroda (UK), in partnership with Tahazu (vocals).

As with bands like Blut Aus Nord and Darkspace, Decoherence has left mankind and this world behind to visualize instead cataclysmic and alien events of unseen magnitude and immensity, far beyond the reach and comprehension of mankind, deep into the one thing which more than anything defines mankind’s nothingness: the cosmos, eternal and immeasurable engine of creation and unimaginable destruction.

Draped in dark matter and fueled by emptiness, with its immense evocative force and with visionary lucidly Decoherence have sonically bridged alien worlds and opened a portal to a vast and remote realm unknown, where existence is meticulously annihilated in perpetuity through immense cosmic cataclysmic events of creation/destruction, the magnitude of which ridicule mankind and vaporize its minuscule existence.

Side A:
1. Rearrangement Collisions
2. Primordial Replicator

Side B:
3. Collapse
4. Vestiges Of An End
5. Dimentionless Angular Momentum
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