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Delmore Brothers


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Delmore Brothers CLASSIC CUTS 1933-1941 CD


$28.34 $31.49
For a limited time only
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Product Description

Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Ain't Got Nowhere To Travel
  2. Smokey Mountain Bill And His Song
  3. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  4. Lonesome Yodel Blues
  5. Brown's Ferry Blues
  6. I'm Mississippi Bound
  7. I've Got The Big River Blues
  8. The Girls Don't Worry About My Mind
  9. Bury Me Out On The Prairie
  10. The Frozen Girl
  11. Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
  12. Blue Railroad Train
  13. When It's Summertime In A Southern Clime
  14. Blow Yo' Whistle Freight Train
  15. Down South
  16. Brown's Ferry Blues- Part 2
  17. I Got The Kansas City Blues
  18. Alabama Lullaby
  19. The Fugitive's Lament
  20. I'm Going Away
  21. I Long To See My Mother
  22. Lorena, The Slave
[Disc 2]
  1. The Nashville Blues
  2. The Lover's Warning
  3. I'm Worried Now
  4. Take Away This Lonesome Day
  5. Promise Me You'll Always Be Faithful
  6. Don't You See That Train
  7. It's Taken' Me Down
  8. That Yodelin' Gal- Miss Julie
  9. I'm Gonna Change My Way
  10. Happy Hickey- The Hobo
  11. Lonesome Yodel Blues-No.2
  12. Put Me On The Trail To Carolina
  13. My Smokey Mountain Gal
  14. Take Me Back To The Range
  15. No Drunkard Can Enter There
  16. Southern Moon
  17. False Hearted Girl
  18. The Budded Rose
  19. The Blind Child
  20. Are You marching With The Saviour
  21. No One
[Disc 3]
  1. Lead Me
  2. I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love
  3. I've Got The Railroad Blues
  4. The Weary Lonesome Blues
  5. Heavenly Light Is Shining On Me
  6. Wonderful There
  7. Singing My Troubles Away
  8. They Say It's Sinful To Flirt
  9. Till The Roses Bloom Again
  10. When We Held Our Hymn Books Together
  11. Hi De Ho Baby Mine
  12. Goodbye Booze
  13. Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)
  14. In That Vine Covered Chapel In The Valley
  15. The Cannon Ball
  16. 15 Miles From Birmingham
  17. Where Is My Sailor Boy
  18. Just The Same Sweet Thing To Me
  19. A Better Range Is Home
  20. Don't Let My Ramblin' Bother Your Mind
  21. Wabash Blues
  22. Go Easy Mabel
[Disc 4]
  1. Over The Hills
  2. The Dying TruckDriver
  3. Scatterbrain Mama
  4. Happy On The Mississippi Shore
  5. Rainin' On The Mountain
  6. See That Coon In The Hickory Tree
  7. The Storms Are On The Ocean
  8. Back To Birmingham
  9. The Eastern Gate
  10. God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds
  11. There's Trouble On My Mind Today
  12. Silver Dollar
  13. Old Mountain Dew
  14. In The Blue Hills Of Virginia
  15. Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me
  16. When It's Time For The Whip-Poor Will To Sing
  17. Will You Be Lonesome Too?
  18. Broken Hearted Lover
  19. I Now Have A Bugle To Play
  20. Baby Girl
  21. Gospel Cannonball
  22. Honey I'm Ramblin Away
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