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Eduardo Mateo / Jorge Trasante


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Eduardo Mateo / Jorge Trasante MATEO Y TRASANTE Vinyl Record
Eduardo Mateo / Jorge Trasante MATEO Y TRASANTE Vinyl Record


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Product Description

First time vinyl reissue of this tremendous 1976 guitar/percussion album. From the original multi-track master tapes Four panel insert has info on the making of the album as told by Jorge Trasante, lyrics in English and Spanish + amazing session photos by Enrique Abal Oliú. Under the dark cloud of an early 1970's dictatorship, most musicians fled Uruguay. Not the nation's best, iconoclast Eduardo Mateo. It was during this dark period that Mateo reached his zenith as a composer and arranger, with a help from famous Afro-folk percussionist Jorge Trasante. On this album, Mateo goes deep into sonic explorations of percussion variations and guitar techniques. Mateo's voice also underwent a mutation for the album, which many people thought the result of a deep mental illness; Trasante explains that Mateo used modulations drawn from Arabic music to "get into different characters with his voice." This record is now considered indisputable evidence of Mateo's genius. "If Eduardo Mateo was a genius, and that fact no one who has heard his music doubts, then 'Mateo y Trasante' is his masterpiece. There were some who said that Mateo and Trasante were both crazy, that Mateo could not sing. Mateo and Trasante resisted the vile and ruthless criticism of those skeptics: those who resisted the quality and depth of this record. Mateo and Trasante resisted, immovable, as are those who know that history will have it's day of judgment. To paraphrase someone who knew music and much more, for the truth and Mateo, I sign my name here." - Daniel Figares. Our sincere thanks to Enrique Abal Oliú for allowing US to use his amazing photos, and to Daniel Figares for allowing US to translate text from his book Mateo y Trasante: Treinta Años, 1976-2006, which is the source for all of Jorge Trasante's musings on this epochal album, which are included in this reissue.

Track List
  1. Dulce brillo
  2. Canto a los soles
  3. Amigo lindo del alma
  4. Y hoy te vi
  5. Palomas
  6. Un canto para Mamá
  7. El blues para el bien mio
  8. Canción para renacer
  9. Voz de diamantes
  10. Canción para el Tamborero

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