Kahraba' Vinyl Record

EEK 'Kahraba' Vinyl Record

Kahraba' Vinyl Record

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KAHRABA is Islam Chipsy's EEK debut studio album.

Recorded in late 2014 in downtown Cairo; it displays 4 tracks perfectly representing Chipsy's wild and inimitable artistic spectrum; ranging from the frenzied sound signature technique that made his greatness and fame (Trinity and Kahraba) to the band's individual manoeuvrings of typical Egyptian standards such as the north-eastern Nile delta "Simsimiyya" in El-Bawaba or Upper Egypt's traditional "Mouled Saidi" in Mouled El-Ghoul.

Side A:
1. Trinity
2. Mouled El-Ghoul

Side B:
1. El Bawaba
2. Kahraba

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