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Einstagator ARRIVAL CD
Einstagator ARRIVAL CD


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Track List
  1. Eintro
  2. Be Mine (Feat L. Byrd)
  3. Leafblower (Feat. Dazz & Sparkdawg)
  4. Here I Stand
  5. Black Shades (Feat. Big Lunny & G. Ledaris)
  6. Drunk Driver (Feat. Chris P)
  7. Addicted (Feat. Rachel & Rob G)
  8. Around the Globe
  9. Feel Like I'm the Best
  10. Because You're Gone (Feat. L. Byrd & Mor C Arty)
  11. With Out You (Feat. Sinima)
  12. Under Fire
  13. Grind All Day (Feat. L. Byrd & Yung Texxus)
  14. We Can Get It Back (Feat. Dazz)
  15. 1 By 1 (Feat. Big Lunny & PKT)
  16. Family Bread (Feat. Lil Young of Swishahouse & L. Byrd)
  17. If You Wit It (Feat. MZ. Flyy & L. Byrd)
  18. Change Gone Come
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