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Faith and the Muse

The Burning Season - CD

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Faith and the Muse / The Burning Season - CD

The Burning Season - CD

$14.31 $18.73
For a limited time only
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Product Description

  • CD Jewel Case 

Track Listing: 

01. Bait And Switch 
02. Sredni Vashtar 
03. Boudiccea 
04. The Burning Season 
05. Whispered In Your Ear 
06. Gone To Ground 
07. Relic Song 
08. In The Amber Room 
09. Failure To Thrive 
10. Visions 
11. Prodigal 
12. Willow's Song 

For 2003, the fourth studio album for Faith & The Muse “The Burning Season,” is a daring departure for the band, taking them well outside the realm of traditional goth rock; elements of trance, punk, jazz and straight-up rock 'n roll permeate the different facets of this diverse album, providing a unique and eclectic mix of sounds and styles that is at once familiar, but will surprise many established fans while attracting a whole new mix of music fans to the fold. In theme, “The Burning Season” finds Faith & The Muse approaching a broad array of topics, touching on personal and social issues in a very direct and confrontational fashion, far removed from the prosaic themes of their previous offerings. A bold new offering by a band with an eye for risk. On Metropolis Records.

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