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After the good reception of his first single "Love me for who I am" in the USA (It reached the 14th spot at USA AC FMQB Charts in May 2011 with it's Adult Contemporary version and the first spot in the National Latin Record Pool Directors Association (NLRPDA) dance chart in the USA in January 2012) as well as with his second single "I want to feel free" in which he collaborated with big names in the dance scene such as Richard Cutmore and Soul Seekers, which garnered him worldwide coverage in Dance Music blogs and radio coverage in specialized Dance music stations; Francisco Toscano, releases his third single, "Decídete", the first one completely in Spanish, headlining the collaboration of legendary Swedish DJ, Producer and Songwriter StoneBridge. This track departs from what Francisco has done before in various ways: it is, without a doubt, a feel good latin pop track that is sung in Spanish. The song is pop perfection with lyrics and catchy hooks that will just make you feel good and want to sing along. This song has been turned into a dance anthem with the collaboration of international DJ, Producer and Songwriter StoneBridge who has created Dance Remix smash hits such as "You haven't seen the last of me" (Cher), "Start Without You (Alexandra Burke)" and garnered him a Grammy nomination for his work in the track "Closer" (Ne-Yo). Remixes from Brian Cua (Jennifer López, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo amongst others), Cubanito vs Candiani (Paulina Rubio, Monster Taxi, Adassa, Monique, etc), DJ Morales (Paulina Rubio, Belinda, Shakira, etc) are also included.

Track List
  1. Dec dete [Version]
  2. StoneBridge Club Mix [126 BPM]
  3. Brian Cua Club Mix [128 BPM]
  4. Cubanito Vs Candiani Cruella's Ball Club Mix [128 BPM]
  5. DJ Morales Club Mix [128 BPM]
  6. StoneBridge Club Dub Mix [126 BPM]
  7. StoneBridge Radio Edit [126 BPM] [Edit]
  8. Brian Cua Radio Edit [128 BPM] [Edit]
  9. Cubanito Vs Candiani Cruella's Ball Radio Edit [128 BPM] [Edit]
  10. DJ Morales Radio Edit [128 BPM] [Edit]
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