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Funker Vogt REVIVOR CD
Funker Vogt REVIVOR CD


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Track List
  1. Final Thrill (Remix By Christian Michael Of Flatline)
  2. History (Timeless Decay Mix By Icon Of Coil)
  3. Lugner (Aghast View-Remix)
  4. Prisoners Of War (Dance Or Die-Remix)
  5. Faster Life (XPQ 21-Remix)
  6. Obscure Pictures (Welcome Acid Kids Mix By Noisex)
  7. Compulsions (Relworked)
  8. Stolen Thoughts (Given Memories Mix By Haujobb)
  9. This World (NVK-Remix By Vernon B.)
  10. Red Queen (T.O.Y.-Remix)
  11. Date Of Expiration (Unit's Bad Eggs Mix By Unit 187)
  12. Lunger (Rearranged)
  13. Lunger (Erzahl' Mir Doch Mix)
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