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'Sanguine Vigil' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Galvanizer 'Sanguine Vigil' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'Sanguine Vigil' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

Product Description

From the swamping lands of Finland death/grind trio Galvanizer emerges with their debut album 'Sanguine Vigil' after having paid all their dues with several tapes and a 7 - " EP like we were used back in the 90s.

Galvanizer have quickly become one of the most promising underground acts around, their old school approach perfectly combines with their youthful energy and their sound will perfectly please both fans of old school Finnish death metal and modern deathgrind sounds.

The artwork is painted by mighty TG Rantanen, a finnish institution famous for his works with Demilich, Demigod, Adramelech, Depravity and many more.

Side A:
1. Mood For the Blade
2. Enjoyment Of Annihilation
3. DeathBeat Deity
4. Sanguine Vigil
5. Grind Till... You're Dead!

Side B:
6. Domestic Mastication
7. Gorefestation
8. Premature Rot
9. Unfinished Autopsy
10. A Painfull End For Curiosity

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