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Get it in time for Christmas!Check shipping cutoff dates.

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We're Ghost Man on First. We're not the best, but we're not the worst. Oh this where we're supposed to wow you with our complicated genre-bending explanation of how awesome we are? How our gut punching riffs and syncopated rhythms send you into another dimension of unexplored musical territory? How we combine musical styles to create something that you've kinda never maybe heard a million times before? How our melodies stick to your face like peanut butter and our grooves are so deep and wide that even your fat mama can get lost in them? Yeah, that's kinda what we thought. Ghost Man on First: Keith Sharp: Bass, vocals Lance Farley: Vocals, Guitar Joe Krumrey: Drums, vocals.

Track List
  1. Under the Influenza
  2. Sugar Britches
  3. Mathmagician
  4. Brought Low By Pigs
  5. Cruel and Unusual
  6. Wheel Within a Wheel
  7. The Widow
  8. Bad Bunny
  9. Boil It in Oil
  10. Marco Polio
  11. Wormdirt
  12. Scabbatosis
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