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    Groove Coverage


    $12.49 $11.24
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    $12.49 $11.24
    For a limited time only
    merchbar gold supplier
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    Product Description

    12 singles in the German Top 50, more than 5 million records sold worldwide and betting an appearance at the Chinese know that.? from about 580 million people. After 10 years as a band Groove Coverage one of Germany's most successful dance formations are the producers Axel Konrad and Ole Wierk, as well as singer Mell and DJ Novus are using Groove Coverage of the most successful dance music acts. With Moonlight Shadow, the cover of Mike Oldfield's classic conquered Groove Coverage 2002 the top 10 of the German charts, cracking the top 3 and shortly thereafter obtained from the 250,000 units sold a gold award and an Echo Award nomination. Moonlight Shadow is also in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia in the charts. Fairly casual boot. God is a girl who can follow-up single, then do not even splash out and secures 8th place in Germany, Top 10 in Poland and even sensational pole position in China. The album cover girl of course has an easy time. The next few years are almost entirely of other success stories from abroad. Mid-2005 the second album by Groove Coverage 7 Years and 50 Days in Asia and platinum status in Indonesia, even the most successful album ever. The extraction Poison collects a parallel chart positions in Europe: England, Ireland, Spain, Groove Coverage are all announced. But there is even a larger number: The single God is a girl in China in 2007 is downloaded more than 1.5 million copies legally, makes it's way to # 1, is the most successful song of the year and the band is the Chinese edition of know that bet.? invited as one of the few international guests at all. DJ Novus and Mell Münch play that night against incredible 580 million viewers. As preparation for the 10-year band anniversary in 2010, the single Innocent, proceeding directly to # 3 in the German DJ charts. In the singles chart bites the track in the Top 40 set. The follow-up single, Angeline, a cover of lotus flower, since April 2011 on the market. The song creates high rankings in all the DJ, club and dance charts and secures 1st place in the Musicload Single Charts at position 22, and media control. Angeline holds over 17 weeks in the Top 50 and grooved later also in the top 30 of the Austrian charts. On 16 March 2012 the new single Think About the Way is a cover version of the British Ice MC living in Italy in 1994, marking the third single release of the already strained anticipated new album Riot on the Dance floor. With this album, Groove Coverage bestow even after 10 years: 11 new Firecracker tracks, including all three singles and remixes of current hits Innocent, Angeline and Think About the Way. And as a special pearl DJ Novus and Mell Münch a completely new version of it's legendary music Moonlight Shadow have taken, which is certainly not just for hardcore fans is an absolute must-have.

    Track List
    1. Angeline (Radio Edit)
    2. Think About The Way (Single Edit)
    3. Riot On The Dancefloor
    4. Dangerous
    5. Darkness
    6. Innocent (Radio Edit)
    7. Moonlight Shadow 2k12
    8. Shout
    9. The World Is Mine
    10. I Want It
    11. All That Matters
    12. Think About The Way (DJane HouseKat Remix)
    13. Angeline (Cc.K Remix)
    14. Innocent (Club Mix)
    15. Think About The Way (Rob & Chris Remix)
    This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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