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Hadouk Trio

Shamanimal - CD

Hadouk Trio / Shamanimal - CD

Shamanimal - CD

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Product Description

Shamanimal a delightful mix of musical styles from all around the world, by the Hadouk Trio : Didier Malherbe on wind instruments, Loy Ehrlich on stringed ones, and Steve Shehan on Percussives. This adventurous trio of multi-instrumentalists reveals nine utterly different styles, instrumentation, sounds, rhythms, melodies in the exquisite tracks of this CD.

Track Listing : 

1. Hadouk Blues
2. Dragon de lune
3. La course des nuages
4. Shamanimal
5. Gopi
6. Salsa Movar
7. Moussa
8. Peau de banane
9. Vegetal Groove

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