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His Statue Falls

I Am The Architect - CD (2013)

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His Statue Falls - I Am The Architect - CD (2013)

I Am The Architect - CD (2013)

$6.10 $1.21
For a limited time only
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Product Description

The sound presents itself as another step forward, especially concerning the music. Although the time of an EP is short HIS STATUE FALLS succeed in showing all their strengths: They still sound catchy and diverse with a groovy sound that doesn’t allow standstill. The poppy roots aren’t denied by the melodic vocals of Dennis Fries and the shouts of Jan Vergin show more facets than they did in the past.

“I Am The Architect” draws the picture of a band that allows the pleasant feeling of having arrived and gathers positive energy for the upcoming tasks. With this release the musicians take a look back on the last months, what is specifically reflected by the lyrics. The title-track sends a clear message: The luck and the future lies in everyone’s own hands. You grow by your tasks and mistakes, so ever give up but always give your best.

Track List:
1. Solid Ground
2. I Am The Architect
3. Pictures
4. The End Is Yet To Come
5. What We Had Is Gone

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