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    His Statue Falls

    Polar - CD (2016)

    His Statue Falls - Polar - CD (2016)
    His Statue Falls - Polar - CD (2016)
    His Statue Falls - Polar - CD (2016)
    His Statue Falls - Polar - CD (2016)

    Polar - CD (2016)

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    Product Description

    HIS STATUE FALLS's latest album

    “HSF is HSF.” This declaration constitutes the beginning of ‘Polar’ and with their newest work HIS STATUE FALLS will leave no doubt that they know exactly who they are. No matter if the listener defines it as electrocore, post-hardcore or modern metal, after two albums and one EP the genre-defining quintet from Saarbrücken, Germany doesn’t have to care for categories and it’s not interested in them as well: “We still try to go to the extreme and exhaust the conflict between heaviness and pop-appeal. We don’t give this a name. HSF is HSF.”

    As well as in the band, on ‘Polar’ there is no song in centre of attention. “The album as a whole is what counts. In every song there is something positive to discover what originally came out of something negative.” Lyrically and with regard to the content HIS STATUE FALLS approached the subject of the album through personal experiences that got stuck in their heads positively or negatively and made them think: “The lyrics are a mixture out of experiences and ‘what if’-scenarios. Basically our biggest influence is the daily life, the experiences that we make, positive or negative.”

    Track List:
    1. The Black In My Eyes
    2. FTW
    3. Infidel
    4. Hang Me High
    5. Flatliner
    6. Incubation
    7. The Virus
    8. Skip The Goodbye
    9. Drink The Rain
    10. Who Am I

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