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Iain Matthews COLLECTED CD
Iain Matthews


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Reno Nevada
  2. Thro' My Eyes
  3. Close The Door Lightly When You Go
  4. Da Doo Ron Ron
  5. Tigers Will Survive
  6. Met Her On A Plane
  7. Seven Bridges Road
  8. These Days
  9. Old Man At The Mill
  10. Keep On Sailing
  11. A Wailing Goodbye
  12. I Don't Wanna Talk About It
  13. Brown Eyed Girl
  14. Lonely Hunter
  15. The Frame
  16. Gimme An Inch Girl
  17. Carefully Taught
  18. Stealin' Home
  19. You Don't See Me
  20. Heatwave
  21. Like Dominoes
[Disc 2]
  1. Rains Of 62
  2. A Hardly Innocent Mind
  3. God's Empty Chair
  4. Timing
  5. Morning Glory
  6. Ballad Of Gruene Hall
  7. God Locked Down
  8. Alone Again Blues
  9. Trail Of The Survivor
  10. Sight Unseen
  11. Another Delta Dawn
  12. Funk And Fire
  13. Flying Visit
  14. The Limburg Girl & The Traveling Man
  15. To Be White
  16. Fishing -Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet
  17. Randolph Scott -Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet
[Disc 3]
  1. Book Song -Fairport Convention
  2. D'Arcy Farro -Matthews Southern Comfort
  3. Woodstock -Matthews Southern Comfort
  4. And Me -Matthews Southern Comfort
  5. Tell Me Why -Matthews Southern Comfort
  6. True Story Of Amelia Earheart -Plainsong
  7. Even The Guiding Light -Plainsong, Voices -Plainsong
  8. Christoforo's Eyes -Plainsong
  9. The Taker -Hamilton Pool
  10. Stranded -Plainsong
  11. Rising For The Moon -No Grey Faith
  12. Meaning To Life -More Than A Song
  13. Fading Fast -Iain Matthews & Ellliot Murphy
  14. Changing Of The Guard -Plainsong
  15. Action -The Lain Ad Venture
  16. Unravel -The Lain Ad Venture
  17. Letting The Mad Dogs Lie -Matthews Southern Comfort
  18. Road To Ronderlin -Matthews Southern Comfort
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