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Ice Baths

'Decadent Sprinter EP' Vinyl 12" Vinyl Record

Ice Baths 'Decadent Sprinter EP' Vinyl 12" Vinyl Record
Ice Baths
Ice Baths

'Decadent Sprinter EP' Vinyl 12" Vinyl Record

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Decadent Sprinter…a bizarre and yet comforting scene.You feel you understand and know what is happening, a connection to the movements. But in reality, you don’t exist to them & in their world you are just another adoring spectator.

Recorded in the confines of industrial North Greenwich with producer Euan Hinshelwood in his  analogue tape studio, Ice Baths present 4 new pieces. Stitched together with ambient, droning noise - the ghosts of their predecessors - a haunting reminder that beneath the sometimes sunny

exterior of the songs lies a constant anxiety in the songwriting and performance. “we spent so long on the album process, we really wanted to get back into the studio as soon as  possible and write/record something new, without giving ourselves too much time to ruminate on external input…a reset of our senses & the perfect way to bridge the divide between albums.”

Released on 1-sided 12” vinyl because the band wanted the EP to have a “seamless unbroken listening experience” and housed in a die-cut black outer sleeve & coloured inners on the impressive Blank Editions label.

1. Auster
2. (empathy waiting)
3. Marlowe
4. (desperate  disappointment)
5. Clusters 
6. Simulation

Release Date 31/05/2019

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