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James Horner

ALIENS (SCORE) / O.S.T. Vinyl Record

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James Horner ALIENS (SCORE) / O.S.T. Vinyl Record
James Horner ALIENS (SCORE) / O.S.T. Vinyl Record

ALIENS (SCORE) / O.S.T. Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing of this soundtrack composed and conducted by James Horner. Artwork by Kilian Eng. The Academy Award-nominated score for Aliens is an appropriate musical companion to this wildly successful sequel. Much like the film, the soundtrack is a departure from the original, but equally beloved. Composer James Horner took the reins from Jerry Goldsmith and made something his own: blending the suspense and horror that the franchise is known for, with an element of fun that is unique to this entry. This deluxe edition soundtrack features over a dozen cues that have never before been released on vinyl, including five bonus tracks. Commenting on the design, artist Killian Eng said, "I wanted the alien to play a big role but at the same time incorporate it's shape into the materials of the space station, almost like it becomes the station itself, keeping the marines in a steady merciless grip."

Track List
  1. Main Title (5:13)
  2. Bad Dreams (1:22)
  3. Dark Discovery / Newt's Horror (2:07)
  4. LV-426 (2:03)
  5. Combat Drop (3:29)
  6. The Complex (1:34)
  7. Atmosphere Station (3:11)
  8. Med. Lab. (2:04)
  9. Newt (1:14)
  10. Sub-Level 3 (6:36)
  11. Ripley's Rescue (3:19)
  12. Face Huggers (4:24)
  13. Futile Escape (8:29)
  14. Newt Is Taken (2:04)
  15. Going After Newt (3:18)
  16. The Queen (1:45)
  17. Bishop's Countdown (2:50)
  18. Queen to Bishop (2:31)
  19. Resolution and Hyperspace (6:27)
  20. Bad Dreams (Alternate) (1:23)
  21. Ripley's Rescue (Percussion Only) (3:20)
  22. LV-426 (Alternate Edit - Film Version) (1:13)
  23. Combat Drop (Percussion Only) (3:24)
  24. Hyperspace (Alternate Ending) (2:08)

Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap and has never been touched by human hands.
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